Urban Naturalist

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Snow Path


The Tao

I’m Chris Kapsa and I live in an accidental nature preserve.

The Tao Te Ching was written 2500 years ago in ancient China by Lao Tzu. The translation of tao is still debated, but most often it’s agreed to mean the way or path. Tao is the essential way or unfolding of the universe.

Tao Of Wild is observations and reflections on nature from my infinitesimal spot in the universe as it unfolds in its own way.

The Setting

My house sits in foothills above Salt Lake City on a critter crossroads, but I didn’t know that when I bought it. The secluded cul-de-sac in the city attracted me. Turns out that seclusion attracts all sorts of other creatures too.

Undeveloped sections of city park border the property. The wooded land is held in trust, so will remain an unspoiled refuge. Furred and feathered beings are indifferent to property lines, sauntering or flapping into my yard at all hours.

Wandering wildlife found a delighted audience. Birdwatching, stargazing, shell collecting and searching for wild flowers kept me happy for hours as a child. My great-grandfather was a botanist, my grandfather a chemist. Fascination with science and the natural world was bred in the bone. My grandfather’s nature guides found a home on my bookshelves.

Pleasure turned to amazement over thirty-plus years as surprising species sprinkled themselves among the common visitors. All within sight of downtown’s twinkling lights.

Writing about my life as an accidental urban naturalist came as an epiphany. My mother was tickled by my wildlife and their stories, but died in 2014. I’ve missed telling her about what’s flown or ambled through my life since.

So I thought it would be a pleasure to tell new folks now. Join me on the Way of Wild at my house and look for the Way of Wild where you live.under construction, writing, about

Contact: tao.wild@icloud.com