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New Beginnings

Sunny and unseasonably warm at 66 degrees.

It’s spring! Meteorological spring began March 1 in the northern hemisphere.

Spring is for new beginnings, tentative sprouts breaking through cold soil, looking for light and warmth.spring, sprouts, new beginning

Ten-Year Storms

Life unravels in ways we don’t expect. I was settled in my private practice as a nurse practitioner. I saw patients for most of the week and took call 24/7. Then I spent as much time as possible painting in the studio I’d carved out of extra space in the house. I joined other artists in group shows and had two one-woman shows.

It was a perfect life.

But perfection is fragile. My life was no exception. Perfection was devastated by storms I didn’t see brewing. Things I held dear were swept away in the blizzards. Cold winds knocked me into deep drifts every time I staggered to my feet.

It took ten years for the storms to calm. For winds to become soft breezes. To stand, look around and feel the sunlight. Gather the fragments and rebuild a peaceful, if more circumspect, life.

And it took ten years for the painting urge to sprout again. To dust off the studio, pick up paintbrushes, and think as a painter once more. I’ve reorganized the house; moved the computers to a new writing space, unearthed the art gear and found paint and inks survived in good shape.

Never Throw Dreams Away

Winds blew me back to school during the storm. I finished a doctorate in nursing, for reasons that once seemed persuasive. A few extra letters tacked on my name haven’t made much difference after a quarter-century of practice.

The quantity of writing required was an epiphany though. I discovered that the craft of writing gave me pleasure and knew I wanted to continue. The Tao Of Caring lets me write about modern health care from my soapbox. The Tao of Wild is just right for short posts and a chance to add my artwork.

Tom Russell, a singer-songwriter par excellence, wrote “Box of Visions” many years ago. The song’s refrain often runs through my mind as I work because it’s been true for me:

Never throw your dreams away.
For they will save your life one day.


The video was a multi-step adventure. It started as a collage of Asian papers on wood panel, was scanned into my Mac and enhanced with Sketchbook. Then it was transferred to my iPad for animation with Autodesk’s Draco iOS app (for which I am a beta tester). The original panel is 10″ W X 8″ H.

6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I really love that quote. Dreams can sometimes get pushed aside by… life. Nothing like unexpected change or challenge to get us to dust them off and reach for what brings us joy.


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